Appen salary reddit

Appen salary reddit

Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. United States reviews. Ratings by category Clear. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found reviews matching the search. I have experienced very well work and life balance working at Appen.

However, they take a bit long time reviewing the application. Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link.

appen salary reddit

Great for a side hustle. Paid 9 per hour to be on Instagram. You have to take a quiz to get on a project. You can work as many projects as you like. Do not leave your full-time job. If you can get on, it's great for supplemental income. I loved the work. It was very interesting. Many have been cut at the drop of a hat without warning though. Ad rater Former Employee - Remote - March 17, Don't work for appen if it is your only source of income or if you really rely on the money.

Somethimes they keep you busy but at times there are nothing to do. Thet are slow to help out if you have any issues. Time consuming, mentally demanding, unfair compensation.Advertiser Disclosure. Are you wondering if you can succeed by working at Appen? When I first learned about Appen — I was surprised to see such a huge network of remote jobs available to anyone. For a long time, I wanted to work from home as a freelancer or blogger and not have to work for somebody else.

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Yes, I wanted to be my own boss. So companies like Appen can help, right? They work with clients from across the spectrum: technology, auto, government, retail, healthcare, and financial services.

They take pride in the diverse international team and the flexible and full-time opportunities they offer.

appen salary reddit

Remote work is not just a trend and it is changing how the world does business. Appen is a pioneer in the movement! Let me preface by saying that this company pays on time so there is an opportunity for you to succeed. If you want to work from home, consider taking a job on Appen.

Please visit appen. They help its clients enhance their best-in-class products and services around the world, including search engines, social media platforms, voice recognition systems, sentiment analysis, and eCommerce sites. Pro-Tip: Beware of phishing scams requesting your sensitive information. Please ensure that all emails that you using to contact Appen are coming from:. Honest employer. The hour rate is really great and above any remote job in this field. This company has over 1, reviews on Glassdoor with an average rating of 3.

To answer this question I surveyed the entire web to find real Appen workers are getting paid across the map, like this worker out of Poland:. So, do not expect to get rich by working for Appen. But depending on the project and the extra hours you put in, you can surely make ends meet by working with Appen. In this Appen review, you have learned that Appen is a legitimate work from home opportunity. You can set your own hours and depending on the project — you can make above minimum wage.

However, some of the jobs offer low pay and can not substitute a full-time income.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. Dutch English Any. Found 31 reviews matching the search. The work is convenient being from your home however work goes from plenty to depleted fairly often leaving you to scramble for hours at times which can be very frustrating. Work from home.

Inconsistent hours week to week, only paid once a month. Was this review helpful? Yes 55 No 1. Share Tweet.

Copy link. Good at home job for extra cash. Working at home is a was one of the good benefits to me. Get paid every two weeks and paid on time. This job is 4 hours a day 5 days a week. Yes 19 No 3. Flexibele werktijden, goede communicatie met project managers. Altijd netjes op tijd uitbetaald gekregen, alleen in november waren er wat technische problemen waardoor velen hun geld pas laat kregen.

Het werken als freelancer biedt helaas weinig zekerheid. Yes 3 No 3. I enjoy this job for the idea that you can have an extremely flexible work schedule. The work itself is easy to do but the quality control for the tasks is very strict, so you have to be on your game to avoid any negative consequences. Most to all communications are done through email which can be a hassle at time if you have an issue and the company is on holiday or they take a few days to give you a response.

Very flexible work schedule. Strict guidelines for how work is to be completed. Yes 32 No.I get many queries regarding social media evaluator jobs for India, Australia, USA and many other countries etc. So in this post, I will give information about freelancing platform called Appen. While Appen offers multiple freelancing jobs, this post would be focussed on Appen Social media evaluator. You can work as a social media evaluator in other companies like Lionbridge, Lepaforce etc.

Since I have worked with Appen, I am compiling this social media evaluator review. This post will include a step by step process of becoming a social media evaluator at Appen, Appen social media evaluator pay and everything you need to know about the role. I have worked as a Social media evaluator for over 10 months now. Hence, the information I provide will be based on the experience I had. They also provide other freelancing jobs, some of the profiles include search engine evaluator, Translator, Social media evaluator, Crowdsourcing.

In simple terms, Appen is a company which helps firms to make their data healthier. Especially with the booming influence of social media platforms on consumer habits, it becomes necessary to get the marketing strategy right. This possible if you have the right data in hand. So Appen hires people to do the same, the best part being that all the positions they hire for are work from home.

The pay is decent and usually paid on an hourly basis, the pay also depends on the type of position and the country in which you reside. All Appen jobs are paid on an hourly basis. The pay depends on the country the contributor belongs to. You may either get into the one hour or 4-hour rating program, your pay would vary accordingly.

I cannot disclose the exact payment I received due to NDA. However, for the amount of work I put in and considering it was flexible, the pay was very decent.

Once you start working, you can link the same and get paid Instructions to link will be sent by Appen. That is why if you get into Appen project you will surely get a bonus when you are paid by Appen. So, I advise you to make the account if you have passed the qualification exam of Social media Evaluator or any other post. Now lets come to the main point of this article, what will you be doing and why are you being paid. The work of a social media evaluator is to evaluate news feeds of different social media platforms and give feedback.

appen salary reddit

Depending on the company your working through Appen, You may have to work on facebook, twitter, instagram feeds etc. I got hired to evaluate my facebook feeds and rate them.

I cannot give more details as I have signed an NDA. However I can certainly say that the work is super simple, The pay is very much decent. Everyone who applies may not get an invitation by Appen, applications are evaluated case by case and also depends on the overall demand for the applied position.

Whenever a requirement comes up you will get an email inviting you to be a social media evaluator. Appen has social media evaluator jobs for many countries.

It is important you apply for your respective country i. I have noticed many applications are rejected because of this reason. United States: Click here. India: Click here. Once you have landed on the correct job posting as explained above. You can find all the information about being a social media evaluator at Appen.This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a comission from purchases made through these links.

In this article, I will walk you through what is important for you to know before you apply for a work-at-home job with Appen. Appen is a global leader in the development of human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company was founded in by linguist Dr. Inthey expanded into the search relevance evaluation services by acquiring Butler Hill, a US-based company that had Microsoft as major client. InAppen acquired Leapforce and its subsidiary Raterlabsa US-based company founded in that became the main and biggest vendor of evaluation services for Google.

Top 7 Search Engine Evaluator Jobs That Pay $12 – $15 Per Hour

The Appen Careers page is where applicants can apply for all the types of jobs offered by Appen. The Rater Jobs page is the application page for the Internet Analyst position, which is mostly comprised of the search engine evaluator and social media evaluator jobs. Once they accept your application, you will be invited to any project where vacancies are available — sometimes for Google Project Yukonsometimes for other clients like Facebook or Apple, through a variety of different projects.

If you want to become an Internet Analyst, please be advised that it may take several weeks or even months for them to reach back out to you after your application is sent. The response time will vary depending on the number of vacancies they have available for each project on your location.

Candidates are informed about the pay rate once they are invited to the qualification exams. Leapforce, which was later acquired by Appen, used to have the best pay rate in the market for search evaluation services.

Without a doubt, this was one of the many reasons why candidates would put them on top of their list of desired employers among the big three Leapforce, Lionbridge, and Appen. But that time is gone now. But the quality was probably affected, and this is how: the job at these rates suddenly became much less attractive to many people.

Not to mention the turnover rate, which has probably also increased.

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Appen Global and Appen Connect are platforms used by Appen to manage its workforce of remote workers. Appen Global was the platform used prior to Leapforce acquisition when they decided to create and transition to the Appen Connect platform.

According to online sourcesthis was the announcement released by Appen in September regarding the roll-out of Appen Connect:. This new platform will be named Appen Connect.It's time your job worked around your schedule.

Appen Pay & Benefits reviews

It's time to trade in your regular commute for a walk down the hall. It's time you enjoyed the benefits and convenience of working from home. Appen provides an exciting home-based career opportunity where you can put your acute analytical skills to work, providing valuable feedback and critical insight for some of today's leading companies. With no set schedules of any kind, Appen independent agents enjoy the flexibility to choose how much and when to work.

According to a recent industry study, there are more thanhome-based independent agents across the US enjoying the benefits and flexibility that come from working at home. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement. Become an Agent.

Marcy GreeneTulsa, OK. Isn't it time you join them? Appen independent agents enjoy a completely flexible work schedule. Work when it's convenient for you with no set hours or commitments.

Turn your commute into a breeze, eliminate transportation costs and reduce your environmental footprint.Most companies that hire Search Engine Evaluators, also known as a Web Search Evaluator, do not require you to work a specific schedule, but instead send along evaluations projects as they become available.

This leaves your schedule pretty flexible so you can pick the days and times you want to work, so long as you meet your project deadlines.

appen salary reddit

If you have a knack for finding information online and know the general ins and outs of how web searches work, you could find a rewarding career as a Search Engine Evaluator. A Search Engine Evaluator job is much like it sounds. Basically, you are given a search term and the results for that search term from a specific search engine, like Google or Bing. Since this type of work reveals a lot about the algorithms of a search engine, you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before you begin work.

So, for the purpose of this article, I am providing public information about the search engine evaluation job. To get a Search Engine Evaluator position, you will go through a training process and evaluator test that will explain, in depth, your specific tasks.

You would assume that this person is attempting to find a restaurant to eat at in Dallas, Texas. However, sometimes search engines give some wonky results.

Get Paid For Using Social Media: Appen Social Media Evaluator

Join Pinecone Research Now. Your tasks are also timed so you cannot go past a specific time limit. Still, several independent contractors for Search Engine Evaluator companies report making a decent part-time income. As with any job, the Search Engine Evaluator job comes with pros and cons.

One of the biggest perks about being a Search Engine Evaluator is that you can pretty much do it in your own time. If you want a little extra money, pick up a few tasks after you get home from work or on weekends.

Most search engine evaluation companies allow you to work anywhere from just a few hours to per week. For those looking to make income at home without making phone calls or starting a business, this could be the opportunity for you. The number of available tasks can vary on a weekly basis.

Some weeks, you could have plenty available and other weeks, a shortage. But if it takes you longer than the company expects for you to finish your tasks, your rate decreases.

Training is NOT paid for by the company, but you must complete it before getting hired on as an evaluator. Join Opinion Outpost Now. There are several trusted companies who hire Search Engine Evaluators throughout the year. I recommend using Glassdoor to find some reviews from current and former employees of each company. These companies are the most common ones to find a Search Engine Evaluator position with, no experience required:. You can search on job search sites like Indeed but be careful to avoid potential scams that do exist on these sites before they get caught.

Payment comes within 30 days after you invoice them for your hours worked. The Leapforce At Home independent agent qualification test is pretty in-depth and many people fail it the first go-around or thereafter!

To have the best shot at passing the three-part exam, take a couple of days to really delve into the guide Leapforce provides. Leapforce has mixed reviews from current and former contractors.

Its independent agents love the flexibility, but say that tasks can sometimes be few and far between. Some also report that the independent agent rating process is frequent, and one bad review of your work can significantly restrict further opportunities for tasks.

However, you can continue to check with its job opportunities page for Internet Search Evaluators and Internet Assessor positions. The Internet Assessor position requires you to rate online advertisements to help improve their quality. Think of it as a Search Engine Evaluator for advertisements. To excel in either position, you should have familiarity with current news, pop culture, media, and cultural affairs in your country.

Lionbridge reviewers dislike the initial testing process and consistent review of performance. But for others, the ability to have a flexible schedule outweighed the cons. Additionally, you can check job listings on Craigslist and Indeed, as it sometimes advertises open positions here.


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